what they say

  • Ted Sandling, Programme Director, Online Courses, Christie's Education 

    “Mari Griffith wrote all six lectures for Christie’s Education’s online course ‘Matisse to Magritte’, an introduction to modern European painting. The programme is delivered through video to students around the world, so the tone and clarity of the content is vital. It is here that Mari excels. She translates her academic understanding into a narrative that expertly guides viewers around works of art, artists’ lives, and the artistic innovations of the avant garde.”

  • Martina Bagnoli, Director, Gallerie Estensi, Modena 

    “Working with Mari Griffith has been an absolute delight.  Reliable Italian to English translators are very thin on the ground. Time and time again I have been disappointed and have had to rewrite bad translations. Not this time! Mari, herself an art historian, so completely understands the subject matter, knows how to write elegantly and clearly, and has a full command of the Italian language. She works very fast and is used to tight museum deadlines. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

    "E' stato un vero piacere collaborare con Mari Griffith. Sono pocchi i traduttori capaci di tradurre bene dall'italiano all'inglese. Spesso mi sono trovata nella posizione di dovere riscrivere e correggere traduzioni sgraziate o addiritura sbagliate. Non questa volta! Mari non solo conosce a fondo la lingua italiana ed è una storica dell'arte (capisce perciò bene la materia), ma scrive anche in maniera elegante e chiara. Lavora molto veloce ed è abituata alle scadenze serrate dei musei. Raccomando quindi con piacere il suo ottimo lavoro."

  • Kathleen Soriano, former Director of Exhibitions, Royal Academy of Arts and Curator of 'Anselm Kiefer RA'

    “Working with Mari Griffith on the Anselm Kiefer audio guide was a delight from start to finish.  She came to the table having prepared and researched the subject matter thoroughly so was immediately able to maintain a level of understanding in relation to the shape of the exhibition and what I was trying to achieve with it.  She worked delicately and sensitively alongside myself and the artist and, as a consequence managed to deliver one of the best audio-guides that we have had at the Royal Academy."

  • Xavier F. Salomon, Chief Curator at The Frick Collection and curator of 'Veronese: Magnificence in Renaissance Venice', National Gallery

    “The audio guide for the National Gallery's Veronese exhibition presents perfectly the artist and exhibition to a wider audience, combining scholarship with the diverse views of experts from the restoration, fashion and opera worlds. It is a clear and fascinating commentary, and the perfect tool for visitors to approach the exhibition. I am thrilled with both the labels and guide, and the public response has been amazing."

  • Tim Barringer, Professor of the History of Art, Yale University, co-curator of Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant-Garde, Tate Britain

    “The audio guide to the exhibition is superb. Mari Griffith’s scholarly background in art history is matched by her ability to write and edit material in a fresh and accessible manner for the general public. Her audio guides — including that for Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant-Garde, of which I was co-curator – are informative and capture perfectly the arguments and atmosphere of the show.”

  • Visitor's comment, Devotion by Design film, 2011, National Gallery 

    "Many congratulations on the brilliant exhibition 'Devotion by Design'. We watched the accompanying film and thought it was quite exceptionally good: interesting, informative, accessible, ie. exemplary."

  • Selection of visitors’ comments on David Hockney RA: A Bigger Picture, Royal Academy of Arts

    “One of the best commentaries I have heard. Fantastic. Thank you.”

    “A wonderful commentary. Light-hearted, personal touches from Hockney himself made the exhibition extra special.”

    “Excellent. The audio commentary added real depth.”

    “This was the most amazing audio guide.”

    “A sheer joy. Audio worth every penny.”